Sixteen-year-old Jacob wants to save his mother, Helen, from the claws of his father, Emmanuel, who is an alcoholic and a gambler, and who systematically abuses her. Our story begins the evening of the great escape when Jacob manages to put in motion a carefully designed plan for their exit from the paternal home. The evening before their escape, Jacob has an important dream, that gives him courage and motivates him to act. In this dream, the comic that Jacob designs in his spare time, called "The Noir Project", comes alive, and the characters, which reflect the morbid reality in which he lives, predict, in a strange way, the events that will follow that night...

Aim of the Film

"The Noir Project" is a short film that deals with the subject of domestic violence, a powerful character drama with a strong element of suspense. Using an original mix of animation & real acting, and through a strong narrative structure we give hope, a strong message of courage and perseverance in the face of hardships and difficulties of everyday life.

The objective of this effort, apart from its artistic innovation, is the involvement of society against domestic violence, which, unfortunately, in times of crisis like the one that we are experiencing, currently, is growing, daily. The message of the story is optimistic. It supports the escape from the vicious circle of violence and encourages the victims to stand up against their own oppressor. It also aims to alert people on this subject, and to achieve this through the cooperation and support of non-governmental organizations and charities both during the stages of film production and distribution as well as during film screenings in festivals and elsewhere, by participating in local information campaigns, public debates, etc.