Production, Cast & Crew

The crewmembers of the film are renowned, award winning professionals.

The screenplay for "The Noir Project" was singled out in the competition Microfilm 2012 (ERT) and was selected for supply of filming equipment (camera and 16mm film) by ERT.

Moreover, it was one of the two film projects that represented Greece in the contest of South Eastern Europe Cinema Network (S.E.E. Cinema Network), where it was awarded 8,000€ as financial support to cover part of the production costs.










Short CVs

Gregory Vardarinos, Director

A rising young director, graduate of Edinburgh College of Art under a scholarship from the Onassis Foundation. His thesis short film, a black comedy titled "Talking Piranhas" stole the limelight in international film competitions: starting its festival run with a nomination for a BAFTA Scotland New Talent Award 2010 in Fiction, and ending it with the Golden Panda Award for Most Innovative Film, 2011 Sichuan Film Festival, China. An innovative filmmaker he aims to combine the film noir genre with animation in his new endeavor “The Noir Project”. At the same time, he is preparing his second television documentary on behalf of the Greek National Television (ERT) after their successful collaboration in the episode titled "Mehmet" in the series "Entos ton Teihon" (i.e. "Outside the walls").

Anastasia Bartzoulianou, Scriptwriter

“The Noir Project” is Anastasia's third produced script. Her film experience amounts to assessing candidate scripts for funding under the European MEDIA Programme and working as a college teacher for theater and film studies. This third script of hers, has already received remarkable reviews and considerable support by important film funding & development programs. Practicing for six years journalism for popular free press magazines, writing is for Anastasia an integral part of her life.

Stabolis Dimitris, Director of Photography

During the past 15 years Dimitris Stabolis has given his expertise to countless movie productions, documentaries, TV series, music videos and advertising films. A selection of his film opus are: "Nobody", a fiction feature film directed by Chris Nikoleris, which won the Audience Award at the 51st Thessaloniki International Film Festival, the feature film "Lurk" directed by Vasilis Katsikis, 'If' directed by Christopher Papakaliatis, "Dead Europe" directed by Tony Krawitz, the Mega Channel TV series "Wild Children", the documentaries "Alexander the Great the Macedonian" and "From the tram to the metro" et all. He is an excellent photographer, camera operator and knowledgeable user of specialized equipment, while at the same time he designs and manufactures camera and lighting systems for his own needs.

Dimitris Dimitriou, Production Manager

A creative and hyperactive personality, Dimitris has been working for 15 years in film and television production primarily as a production manager or assistant production manager. Here are a few of the films that he is credited for: "Nobody" (directed by H.Nikoleris, 2010), "Handset type" (directed by A. Siadimas, 2010), "Arundel" (directed by K. Kotzamani, 2011 ), Christmas Tango" (directed by N. Koutelidakis), «Poker Face» (directed by Chr. Dimas), "A Ship to Palestine" (directed by N. Koundouros), "One more dance" (directed by S. Korexenidis), "The two faces of January" (directed by Hossein Amini, 2012).

Marina Gkoumla, Set Designer

Twice gifted, Marina has majored both in acting and set design, at the Department of Theatre, Faculty of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki and she is also a scholar of the Nurata Fine Arts Studio in Indonesia. She has a rich creative portfolio working in film and theater productions. She has collaborated with major theatrical and cultural organizations, such as: the Greek Cultural Center of NY, NTNG, Art Theatre 'Aktis Aeliou', Eclipses Group Theater, Opera of Thessaloniki, Indonesian Embassy of Greece, the Municipal-Regional Theatres of Serres and Lamia, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, the Teloglion Foundation etc. She was the set designer for the feature film "Kitrini Poli" ("Yellow City") by S. Katirtzidis, which participated in the 53th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, and in the film "An m' agapas" ("If you love me"), by Ch. Ketikidis, which was screened at the 47th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, a film in which she had the leading role as well, while she also created the sets and costumes for the film "To Milo tis Eridos" ("The apple of discord") by V. Boudouris, screened at the 41th Thessaloniki International Film Festival. She is a founding member of the theater company Eclipses Group Theater.

Lisa Psomiadou - Props master/Set Decorator

Lisa is a graduate of the School of Fine Arts, Sheffield Hallam University, specializing in Combined Arts and holder of a Master's degree of Science in Interactive Media from the University of Westminster. She has lectured at artistic workshops at the Roundhouse in London and worked as a coordinator - curator for four consecutive Thessaloniki International Film Festivals. She has collaborated with the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography in the Organization and Coordination of Exhibitions on the 19th International Photography Meeting and the 1st PhotoBiennale of Thessaloniki. In the short film "Kinita Stoiheia" ('Handset Types') by Andreas Siadimas she was the Artistic Director and in the short film "Friktoria" ("Fire-Beacon") directed by Vasilis Tsikaras she created the sets and costumes.

BOUDOIR VESTIARIO, Costume Designers

Consisting of Costume Designers Tasos Dimas, Sofia Kotsikou and Katerina Haliotis, the Boudoir Vestiario company is active in the profession of costume design for six years. They have offered their services to numerous television series and they have countless collaborations featured in their credits. They have undertaken costume design for advertising films, photo shoots, television and other shows, short films, theater performances, video clips, portfolio books for models and actors, as well as fashion catalogues.

Zelkas Vangelis, Sound Engineer

One of the most sought after sound engineers with many years of experience in the field. He has worked with prominent Greek directors like Nick Koutelidakis, Chris Nikoleris, Philip Tsitos, Christos Dimas etc., for the production of more than 15 feature length films. He has also participated in the production of numerous short films and documentaries, prime time series, and various programs on public and private television. The audio tracks of awarded films like "The tango of Christmas," "Unfair World", "Plato's Academy" and "Pokerface" bears his signature.

Helen Tsapatori, Make up artist

Having studied Face & Body Cosmetics but also Professional Make-up specializing in transformations and special effects, eventually film and theatre won Helen over, as she has been working systematically for years, in films and performances as a make-up designer and make-up artist. The film "Yellow City", by Savvas Katirtzidis, which participated at the 53rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival and the film "Thief by Argyro Kourliti, that was screened at the 35th Drama Festival, are just some of her work in cinema, while she has a rich teaching experience in her resume as well.

Katerina Bolmati, Production Coordinator / Copywriter

Having worked first as a copywriter and later on as a creative director for many years in the biggest advertising company of Thessaloniki, Katerina has put her signature on corporate campaigns and documentaries for major companies and organizations, following up from the initial idea to the overall supervision of their final implementation. She is the screenwriter and the person responsible for organizing the production of the documentary in progress "The Road to Salonica" and the producer of the short documentary "Phone call from Cairo" which has received international recognition. Nowadyas she is Head of Production for the audiovisual company Macine Motion Pictures. She has collaborated on film and theater productions and has assumed the artistic direction for installations and performances at festivals and exhibitions.

Nikos Tsoutsoulis, First Assistant Director

Graduate of the National Film School of Wales, with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television Studies and a rich, 15-years experience in film and television as an assistant director, camera operator and production assistant, but also, as a director with his own filmography. He was the assistant director at the short film "Narkes" ("Mines") and also worked as an assistant director for the television programs: "I kouzina tis mamas" ("Mama's kitchen"), "AMAN - ta katharmata", "HAIWANIA 3-0", "Analise to" ("Analyze it"), "Oi arpagmenoi". His body of work include also: the feature film "The hunt of the hare" by Nikos P.Vezyrgiannis and the short film "Oneira Glyka tou Koutaliou" ("sweet Dreams") by Manos Papadakis. He has worked for the documentary "Ezitisa na xypniso psyches" of the series "O eonas tis Thessalonikis", the tv show "Balkan Express" ("I wanted to awake souls/Century of Thessaloniki series") and the documentary "Thessaloniki Allios". He directed the short documentary "Arcturus: wildlife, part of our lives", "Moments: Dimitris Soulas: Photographs 1967-1974", "Testimonies and memories of the pensioners of SCOTAELT and PPC".

Giannis Karambelas, Film Editor

He has been awarded the first prize at the Naoussa International Film Festival for his experimental film "We carved ourselves in light" and has edited the short film "Kinita Stoiheia" (aka Handset Type) by Andreas Siadimas which was honored with the award of the Panhellenic Union of Film Critics in 2011. As an editor he has worked on various greek television productions and documentaries as well as developing and producing audiovisual content for museum exhibitions and other multimedia projects. The design and implementation of the visual installation for the permanent exhibitions in the White Tower Museum of Thessaloniki and the Nebojsa Tower Museum in Belgrade both bear his signature. He has been a course instructor in editing and post production in the department of Film Studies, Faculty of Arts, at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Yiotis Vrantzas, Comic Designer / Animator

Artist, cartoonist, 2D and 3D animator with many projects marked by his own personal incomparable style. His first animated film "Zoo TV" won the prize for best experimental film at the "Strange Screen" film festival. He has participated in festivals and art exhibitions with video art works and paintings. He has been working for more than ten years as an editor and 2D/3D animator and has created advertisements and corporate videos for agencies and companies, as well as documentary and animation short films.

Vangelis Papageorgiou, Music Composer

A classical trained Composer and Pianist with a Master Degree in Film Music at Bournemouth University of UK. He collaborates as Composer, Arranger and Producer with the “Green Recording Studio” at Sydney Australia. He had composed and produced music for future, short and documentary films, theatrical plays, animation and television programs. In 2013 there will be released a CD by the German company ROBA Productions Music, with Vangelis film music compositions. He has also a great experience in teaching music as he has been Course Leader, Artistic Director and a teacher at Conservatoires all around Greece for many years.

Lara Kristen, Documentary Filmmaker "making of"

Graduate of the School of Film Studies (Dept.of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki). She already has a film credit, the medium-length documentary "Alternative Balkan Caravan". In her new film her camera captures the life of the first and only Greek acrobat in "Cirque Du Soleil" for the documentary "Krito", of the Greek National Television documentary series "Es avrion ta spoudaia", directed by Gregory Vardarinos.

Nikolas Pipilidis, Set Photographer

A photography aficionado, Nikolas began experimenting with his beloved art, very early, but has made it a profession today. He has worked as a photographer in student magazines: SpoudaZO, ChillOut and while continuously enriching his knowledge by attending photography seminars. He is a member of the Photographic Group of East Thessaloniki and PhotoArtThessaloniki and recently he has participated in the group exhibition "humania".

Giorgos Chouris, Marketing

He is a graduate of Bussiness Administration of the Alexandreio Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki and recently completed his master's degree in Tourism Management at the Hellenic Open University. He has extensive work experience as a Business Consultant specialized in Marketing Research. He is working also as a visiting Marketing professor in various post-secondary Institutes of Vocational Training. He enjoys working with young, talented people and investing his time and knowledge to interesting innovating projects.

Leela Papadioti, Media & Public Relations

Leela started talking when she was 6 months old and she hasn't stopped since! During her first encounter with a microphone there was an instant attraction. She studied Mathematics and Web Design in University of Crete, while she wandered around the airwaves of the very popular radio Super 90.4. She has worked as editor and columnist of various free press magazines and you can see some of her work in She was responsible for Communications and Public Relations of the first music channel in Crete, My TV, and she organized the first music band competition (Super Band Contest) on the island. She enjoys social engineering, solving puzzles, IQ tests and everything that can be brain stimulating.

Dimitris Athanasiadis, Online Promotion

Dimitris Athanasiadis works as an online promotion consultant. He has many years of experience in marketing and business development in the area of technology companies.

Giannis Sachanidis, Social Media Manager

Social networks early addopter, and an amateur communicator, Giannis has managed to connect his name with social media. He still believes that Napster was a revolution. A Twitter aficionado and a movie buff.

Theodore Vasilias, Graphic Designer

A very creative force, he has numerous collaborations with newspapers, magazines and advertising agencies in the field of graphic design and layout. He has a particular aptitude in freehand drawing and his extensive work bears the mark of his own personal style and aesthetics.

Konstantinos Rousis, Web Developer

A geek in heart, Kostas has been working with technology and software development for the better part of his last 15 years. He is specializing in Web development with PHP and Ruby on Rails and strives for elegant code and beautiful Web applications.