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You can all contribute in the realization of this film, according to your own means. Share this link with friends, post it on the Internet or contribute a small sum of money. We need your support!

We are trying to collect 8,000€ to pay for fundamental production expenses (equipment rental, purchase of materials for constructing sets, props and costumes, supplies, transportation, catering, etc.).

It is worth noting that the crewmembers involved in the production are working on a pro bono agreement, and the money will be spent exclusively on essential expenses of materials and equipment and not for personal profit.

Only with your help "The Noir Project" can become a reality and with it, Jacob's dream for a new beginning in a world without violence. And not only Jacob’s...

And do not forget!

Each contribution is rewarded with perks & film souvenirs and a special mention in the film's credits.

Exclusive preview of the film before its official premiere in cinemas with private password on Vimeo

Collector's edition poster of the film PLUS all the above perks

Commemorative DVD of the movie with lots of extras PLUS the above perk

Souvenir mug printed with the logo of the film PLUS all the above perks

T-shirt with the logo of the film digitally printed PLUS all the above perks

Souvenir key fob similar to the movie’s prop with your name engraved PLUS all the above perks

Screen Credit as Executive Producer of the movie and special reference in IMBD, full day tour of the film set and lunch with the crew PLUS all the above perks

If interest for CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP OR IN KIND DONATION please contact us at: